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Laboratory research

The Tytgat Institute

The Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research


Tytgat Institute

The liver and intestinal research of the Amsterdam UMC is concentrated at the Tytgat Institute. Research in the Tytgat Institute is both fundamental and translational, but always built on a clinical question, i.e. providing results that can be translated into clinical practice.

Housing more than 70 fundamental and clinical scientists, the Tytgat Institute is one of the leading international research centers in hepatology and gastroenterology. Extensive collaboration between physicians and researchers ensures a close link between the clinic and fundamental research.

Increasingly we collaborate with other expert centres within Amsterdam UMC such as the microbiome institute (Microbiota Center Amsterdam), the department of clinical genetics, the Amsterdam imaging centre (Imaging Center), the Sanquin Institute in Amsterdam (Sanquin.nl) and Alimentiv BV, a dedicated CRO focused on IBD clinical and translational research.

For more information go to www.gut-research.com and www.epimac.eu.