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IBD biobanks

Biobanks for IBD tissues

Amsterdam UMC has several biobanks for IBD tissues.



Amsterdam UMC has several biobanks for IBD tissues. The Future IBD biobank collects serial blood, stool urine and tissue samples from IBD patients undergoing different treatments for their IBD. The eventual goal is to establish predictive models that would allow to identify which patients would ideally receive which treatment and to shorten ‘time to remission’.

Coordinated by: Geert D’Haens, Vincent Joustra, Hans Paulich, Inge van Welsen


The Parelsnoer Institute (PSI) is a unique Dutch scientific project in which the 8 University Medical Centers collaborate on a set of specified disease areas, including IBD. The IBD pearl aims to develop a biobank of IBD patients with extensive phenotypic information, DNA, tissue, serum and fecal samples.

For more information please visit the PSI website: www.parelsnoer.org

Coordinated by: Mark Löwenberg and Nanne de Boer

Surgical biobank

The surgical biobank stores resection specimens harvested during surgery.

Coordinated by: Christianne Buskens and Manon Wildenberg